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Electric Scooters Buyer's Guide

Whether you are a first-time rider, or this is simply an upgrade, there are a couple of things you should consider before purchasing your e-scooter

To help you choose your perfect e-scooter, we have broken down some of the key considerations for you.

30km Travel Distance

1. Distance / Range

For most daily riders a scooter with a range of between 25-30km (approx 15 miles) is perfect as it allows you to travel a very convenient distance in between charges

Foldable E-lectric Scooter

2. Compactness / Foldability

If you need a scooter that is practical for daily use, you'll need one that is foldable so that it is easy to carry and store. The size of the scooter when folded will help you determine whether you can carry it in one hand and tuck it away neatly under your desk in your the boot of your car.


3. Weight

One of the key considerations when it comes to e-scooters is weight. You may need to carry your scooter upstairs or around the town centre, so you should choose a model that you can carry and maneuver easily.


4. Speed

Typically, the average speed of an e-scooter is 15mph - which trust us feels an awful lot faster than 15mph in a car! However, if you have a serious need for speed, we have models that go up to 40km/h (just remember to wear the correct safety equipment and beware of potential hazards)!

30km Travel Distance

5. Suspension

Suspension on e-scooters works the same as a car, it helps smooth out the bumps for a more comfortable ride. Without suspension, you will get a lot of vibration, which can be uncomfortable for longer journeys.

We would also suggest you consider the following:

  • Additional Safety Features
  • Wheel Type
  • Brakes
  • Hill Climb Ability